Best Modern Rugs for Your Home

modern rugs for your home

People always ask me what I think about when I am designing a space. The biggest thing for me is finding elements that excite me. Seeing unique textures and accents in a home pique my interest, especially when they are rugs. I like finding rugs full of textures, colors, and patterns. It’s like adding in that perfect art piece to tie everything together. I’m always searching for the best modern rugs and I wanted to share my list of the best modern rugs for your home. 

top 6 modern rugs www.angelarosehome.comThe Aubrey Collection

I recently collaborated with Loloi to create the Aubrey Rug Collection. It is full of one-of-a-kind rugs that feel designer, but are totally affordable. I think they are the best modern rugs for real life. 

modern rugs in the Aubrey collection www.angelarosehome.comEach rug was constructed to be durable while also feeling soft and smooth underfoot. And, the rugs in the Aubrey Collection have color palettes that are warm and full of distressed patterns, resulting in beautiful lived-in rugs. These rugs are going to spark inspiration and get you going. 

Modern Mix of Fun Colors

modern navy multi rug www.angelarosehome.comThe Navy Multi area rug from the Aubrey Collection has a super fun combination of colors and textures. It looks like a perfect picture and even has a border detail that accentuates the fact that it is a modern piece of art. The Navy Multi area rug would be the perfect complement to any living room or high-traffic area. It is super fun and just calling to be part of your next living room dance party!

Bringing Vintage to the Current Day

modern aqua sand rug

When you see Aqua Sand area rug in your home you are going to think it was an heirloom passed down from generation to generation. It has all the vintage vibes that are so popular, while also highlighting modern color tones. 

I love this rug because it has a sense of elegance. If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to elevate a space, you need the Aqua Sand area rug. Its colors and design bring vintage elegance to our modern current day. 

Bold Chunky Border

modern ocean spice rug

If you are looking for a modern rug that is going to make a statement, you have got to check out the Ocean Spice area rug from my Aubrey Collection. I love that all of the rugs in this collection have a border, but the Ocean Spice area rug packs a punch. The border is big and chunky and has its own unique details that perfectly frame the rug’s internal design.

I can picture the Ocean Spice area rug framing out a dining room, perfectly tucked under a sleek table and a set of dining chairs. Or defining a living room in a home with an open floor plan. 

Natural Neutrals

modern jade natural rug

The Jade Natural area rug is perfect for those modern home designs that love dressing up in neutral tones. It is so versatile, which is why it is one of the most popular rugs from my collaboration with Loloi. It has chunky border like the Ocean Spice area rug, but it is full of subtle vibes. 



If you love neutrals but worry about lighter-colored rugs, don’t worry! When I was working with Loloi, I was determined to create a product that would hold up to juice spills, muddy cleats, and all that is involved with real day-to-day life. So, if you love neutrals, I say go for the Jade Natural area rug!

Bright, Fun, and Playful

modern blue terracotta rug

All of these rugs feel like one of my kids and I know you aren’t supposed to have favorites, but I might. Oppps! Maybe it’s because the Blue Terracotta area rug reminds me of my daughter Aubrey the most. It’s super cute, fun, and almost playful. Fun fact: the Aubrey Rug Collection is actually named after my daughter Aubrey. She makes me so happy and so do these modern rugs!

I think my favorite place to use the Blue Terracotta rug is as a runner. The colors are so bright and vibrant that they give a pop of color in hallways or the kitchen which are areas that tend to be forgotten.  

Stunning Sage

modern sage bark rug

The Sage Bark area rug is a stunner! The distressed pattern is printed with uncanny precision, while the ombre-fading and warm palette create an inviting, lived-in look. I can’t think of a place where the Sage Bark area rug wouldn’t draw attention. It is truly unique and will be a focal feature in any room. It’s another vintage nod to our modern homes and I love it! A lot of you love it too because it is actually a best-seller!

Best Modern Rugs for Your Home

Are you ready to add some excitement into your space with the best modern rugs for your home? I really can’t get over these rugs! Which one is your favorite? I’m dying to see which pieces you choose and how you style them in your home so tag me @angelarosehome in your reveal photos. Make sure you are following me on Instagram and TikTok so that you can see how I am using these products throughout my home. 


Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Read the full privacy policy here.

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