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Front Living Room

Here are the links to items in my FRONT LIVING ROOM. Brick details on DIY Brick Highlight bubble on Instagram.

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One Room Challenge: Modern Boy Bedroom Redo

Alright! It’s happening. I am entering the One Room Challenge! For the next 6 weeks, I will be doing a complete makeover of my son’s bedroom…and I am so excited to share this transformation with you. Like always, I will be doing all the DIYs myself…and with all my power tools. I have big plans for a modern accent wall, new beds, closet redo etc. I would love for you to follow along. Now let’s start this thing (and follow along @angelarosehome)

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The Only 5 Tools You Really Need

I wish I had a huge assortment of tools and a huge gorgeous garage workshop. The truth is, I am using the most basic versions of just a few tools and I mostly work on my garage floor…BUT, I’ve still been able to get by building built-ins, wall moldings, shelves, furniture etc. with just 5 power tools. So here’s a quick list of the ONLY 5 TOOLS YOU REALLY NEED to get going on almost any home improvement project.

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Build a Modern Barn Door like Joanna Gaines

I’m so excited to share my modern barn door tutorial with you! I wanted a barn door, but all the DIY options I found were for rustic barn doors…and I wanted a modern one. So, when I saw a picture on Joanna Gaines’ instagram of this gorgeous door I knew I needed to have it, and that I could make one! So I busted out my pencil and designed a modern barn door for $120. And with this $69 barn door hardware, the whole door total came to under $200!

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About Me

Hi, I am Angela Rose, and my goal is to get people to STOP pinning and START DOING! Using fearless DIY and power tools, I love to transform my home and help you to do the same. I love to get inspiration from designer accounts, and then come up with ways to recreate that look in my house for a fraction of the cost. Whether it is knocking down a wall, painting, building a table, or sewing a pillow…I will learn and do whatever it takes to achieve my vision, and teach you all I know along the way (check out my Instagram account @angelarosehome for daily stories).

I have been featured as:

Dwell Magazine Top 10 Home Reno Accounts, Apartment Therapy Top Room Reno, and featured on, Real Simple,, Wayfair, and more.

Read the blog for full tutorials, and see the projects in action over on my Instagram account stories @angelarosehome.

So, let’s STOP pinning and START DOING! Who’s with me?

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