How to Style a Rug in the Bedroom

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Bedroom style is on the brain since I’ve been going from project to project in my main bedroom (with a tiny teenage bedroom break in between). You know how much I love rugs, and since I am working on different projects in my main bedroom I thought we should talk about how to style a rug in the bedroom too.    

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One of the most simple ways to style a rug is to put everything on top of it. It is like an all around fit for your bedroom furniture especially when you have hardwood floors. It adds extra comfort and style. The key is to find a rug that is big enough for your bed and nightstands to all sit right on top of. Once you do that, it is pretty straightforward from there. Roll out your rug and place your bedroom furniture to get a perfectly styled bedroom space. 

Under Bed

In bedrooms, rugs are most commonly used under the bed to anchor the bed as a main focal point. Without knowing the specifics of your bed frame, I can tell you that you will typically need a 9×12 rug for a king size bed, 8×10 for a queen size bed, 6×9 for a full size bed, and 5×8 for a twin size bed. If you want more specifics about picking the right rug check out this blog post

Once you have picked the right rug size for your bedroom, place your rug under the bed leaving about a fourth of the rug showing at the end of your footboard. This style gives you softness under your step without fully taking up all of your bedroom space. 

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Foot of the Bed

If your bedroom is on the narrow side, style your rug at the foot of the bed. This will visually break your room up into sections leaving it feeling much bigger. It is a bit of DIY style magic! I also love styling this way because you don’t need such a large rug since you are styling the rug at the foot of your bed. You can have a big visual impact without having to spend big. 

Layering Rugs

One of my favorite parts of styling after finishing a DIY project is making sure there is lots of depth and texture in the space. A fun way to do that is by layering rugs. Layering rugs really livens up a space! Especially in a bedroom! Layering rugs gives you the opportunity to mix colors and patterns which really bring the space to life. 




Rugs are an investment so I totally get not wanting to buy a big rug that will mostly be covered. If you are in this category there are other ways to style rugs in your bedroom. Runners are a great way to style rugs in the bedroom. Line your bed with runners to create the feel of a frame, or even place a runner on either side of the bed so that your toes can get a soft greeting when getting out of bed. 

Sitting Area

I know we typically think of placing a rug under our bed when we are talking about styling a bedroom, but another fun way to style a rug in your bedroom is by creating a seating area. Having a rug to make a bedroom sitting area makes it feel like its own complete piece of the room. 

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How to Style a Rug in the Bedroom

Did you know I love rugs so much that I collaborated with Loloi rugs to make 3 unique collections? The  Aubrey Collection, the Blake Collection, and the Colton Collection. I love rugs because they have the ability to tie all of the individual elements of a room together. Plus, they look really cool! Now that you know how to style a rug in your bedroom, all of your bedroom elements will come together to make something magical. If you need any other DIY inspiration make sure you are hanging out with me on Instagram and TikTok. I am always sharing the latest projects I am working on.

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