Stair Railing Trends

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Stair renovations can be really fun. I remember the staircase renovation in the original Angela Rose Home like it was yesterday. Were you hanging out with me when I tackled that project? There are so many fun ways that you can refresh your staircase. To find your perfect project, check out these top stair railing trends. 

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When it comes to staircases, stair railings are one of the biggest design features (and safety features). Not only do they keep us safe, they can be super stylish too. There are so many materials so check out this list to find what works with the vibe of your DIY.

Steel Staircases

High quality steel stair railings are changing the game right now. They are so versatile because they can be used indoors or outdoors. They are strong and durable which means they are built to last with virtually zero maintenance. 

If you pick steel stair railings for your space you do need to know that they are one of the most expensive options out there. But they are a good investment because they will last forever. Steel stair railings are also extremely heavy so it might take a few people to install them if you are DIYing the project. With that said, I still really love steel railings!


  • Modern style
  • Versatile-steel can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Strong and durable
  • Virtually maintenance free


  • Most expensive option
  • Heavy to install (especially for DIYers) 

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Wood Finishes

While wood stair railings are the most classic and traditional, there is a reason they are always trending. Wood stair railings are the best when it comes to DIY. They are affordable, easy to install, and can be shaped to meet any style. 

I also know how big full stair renovations can be. Sometimes we just don’t have time for a big project like that, but we do need a change to help our home feel more like us. With wood rails, all you have to do is give them new life with a stain or paint color. It is a great way to use what you have while using DIY magic to help your staircase fit the vibe of your house. 


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Shapeable to fit a desired style
  • Affordable (especially for DIYs)


  • Can feel dated
  • Not as strong as other materials like steel
  • Not long lasting especially outdoors
  • Needs regular maintenance-painting/staining and sealing

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Mixed Materials

My sweet spot for stair railings is somewhere in between steel and wood finishes. This is why I love the fact that mixed material handrails are such a big trend right now. Mixing the two materials gives a lot of depth and interest. There is something about the black steel and natural wood that speaks to me. It adds such a trendy modern vibe which I love. 

Statement Rails

No matter what material you use, statement stair rails are where everyone is headed. Just like a statement wall, statement rails feature the staircase as a main focal point. For your staircase consider making a statement with the spacing of your rails. Instead of spacing the rails evenly, try groupings. Check out this inspiration picture from

statement railings

If you are going for a modern feel in your home, try making a statement with horizontal stair rails. You could do this with black steel rods or even a cable system. If you have young kids in your home, make sure they are old enough to understand stair safety. I had horizontal railings installed by Viewrail when my kids were older so I knew they wouldn’t climb on them. If you love horizontal rails but have young kids, consider installing some type of plexiglass until they are old enough to understand the safety side of things. That way you can enjoy the design and they can be safe.

BONUS TREND: Light Features Under Handrails

Did you know that a lot of people get confused between handrails and stair railings? We have been talking about railings which are the protective side of the stairs that make sure our families don’t fall off while going up and down the stairs. Handrailings are the banisters we hold on to. The two features are different but are both part of the stair space we think about when DIYing. 

Another stair feature that is trending is incorporating light under the handrails. You know I love a good light feature. So what is better than a stair railing that has lights under the handrails? I have been seeing this style pop up everywhere and it is so cool! Plus, it makes it safe for your family to go up and down the stairs too! Style and function…this trend is speaking to my DIY heart. 



Stair Railing Trends

I can’t wait to see which of the stair railing trends you go for with your staircase renovation. Make sure you tag me @angelarosehome in your reveal post! I love seeing how all of our creativity drives and motivates us. Make sure you are following along with me on Instagram and TikTok too. I am tackling each room in my new house one space at a time and know that these DIYs will be full of ideas that you can incorporate in your home. 

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