Weekly links: aka “what was that link again?”

Here is an easy list of all the sources and links I used during the week on @angelarosehome.


me and my dad hanging the new moon light fixture in the outdoor space

Lululemon leggings, dupe of my leggings, similar ladder and moon light

Some of my FAQ of the week

  • How did you do the wiring for the light? Electrical is tricky. If my dad weren’t here I would have hired it out. We went through the outlet on an inside nearby wall and fished it to the top of the ceiling and out.
  • What wood did you use for the wood on the ceiling? I used Primed pine shiplap boards, but I had wanted to use PVC trim (since that can handle getting wet and all sorts of weather. However, it was out of stock and this area will not be getting any moisture so I figured it would be okay. Do not use mdf outside!
  • Do you think the new light will get ruined by the weather and bugs? It’s an outdoor light and there is no weather in Vegas! haha.
  • What was the gold rub that you used to change the tone of gold items? Its Rub’n Buff in the color european gold.
  • When will the 500k giveaway winners be announced? The winners were notified by direct message this past weekend.

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