Weekly links: aka “what was that link again?”

Links for the laundry room

It’s all here! My most asked questions are always about sources and links I used during the week. Here is an easy list of all the sources and links I used during the week on @angelarosehome.

Links for the week - spray gun, faux fiddle leaf, black hooks, oval bag.
laundry room door makeover and weekly links

The Laundry Room – new light, thin frame, print inside frame is from Juniper Print Shop, black hooks, jute rug, round shoulder bag, the blanket (sold out from Target)

spray painting the door with a link to the sprayer

My favorite spray gun is finally back in stock!

my living room sources with the links to each item

Living room – the leather couch, replacement legs for the couch, my living room rug, faux fiddle leaf tree, brass coffee table, and the table lamp. My Lululemon shorts and the amazon look-a-like of my shorts.

Some of my FAQ of the week

  • How did you paint your tile floor in the laundry room? I used Rustoleum Home paint and the matte top coat. Here is the tutorial.
  • Has the tile paint held up? Its been almost a year and held up perfectly, even through the constant construction.
  • Will the HOA decline my covered patio ideas? Haha we will see what happens.
  • Where is your stair railing from? All of the materials are from Viewrail.
view rail railings in my house
  • Do you like your leather couch in your front living room – is it comfortable & has it held up with kids? I love it, so soft and comfortable.
  • Do you have to thin the paint for a paint sprayer? Yes, I end up thinning it.
  • Do you have two laundry rooms? I can see where you might be confused, but I only have one laundry room. The other laundry room that I redid a few months ago was my good friend.

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