Prep and Plans for the Closet Room

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Is there anything more fun than an under the stairs closet? There is NOT! It’s pretty much all my kids’ (and my) dreams come true! Today I am going share some plans for the space, and some of my prep work I still need to do before transforming this space!

Let’s talk about ideas I have for this space:

Remember when we opened up the wall to the whole extra area under the stairs? When we knocked out the wall, we had to re-drywall, mud, and texture the walls. Now we have a whole extra area to add to the hideout. I also made this shower curtain art which provides a fun backdrop for the space!

Here are some of my other ideas for the space:

-Bookshelves or toy shelves in the nook

-Painting the walls a fun color and doing a wall treatment

-Adding glow moon and stars

-Adding carpet to the newly finished area

But before I can move forward on anything, I need to prep the area. Here are the steps to take with new drywall:

STEP 1: Prime with drywall primer.

Make sure you use a drywall primer (PVA Primer). A PVA primer is a latex-based product that seals the pores of the drywall. Prepping the surface with this primer makes it so that your actual paint sticks to the wall better and more evenly.

STEP 2: Tape off your walls.

(If you want to see my straight-line hack, see my post here using caulk to seal the tape edges and make a perfectly straight line).

STEP 3: Cut in with a high-bristle paint brush.

I know it’s tempting to just go straight for the roller, but I find it best to do all the cutting in first. You can cut in (get in the edges and corners) with a high-quality paint brush.

TIP: My go to is this Handy Paint Pail. It makes my life so much easier with cutting in. Here are my favorite features:

-It has a strap so I can hold it with one hand

-There is a magnet on the back so that my paint brush can stick to the cup

-You can use removable liners for zero clean up

STEP 4: Roller!

Now it’s time for everyone’s favorite part. The roller. Finish painting your walls with a roller. I always find that I need at least 2 coats of paint for an even coverage, even if a paint quotes that it covers in 1 coat.

Stay tuned to see the progress of the space and follow along @angelarosehome.

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