Ikea Besta Bench Hack with DIY Cushion

This was a match made in heaven guys. I was wanting a bench seat for this cute corner in the Tent Room…when I came across this IKEA BESTA unit that fit the space perfectly. I knew I wanted a custom look, so with some custom door fronts from Semihandmade…and DIY cushion top…this DIY Ikea Bench Hack may just be my favorite little corner of the house.

Now, let me give you all the details so you can build one too! I’m going to outline for you exactly how to buy IKEA cabinets, add custom doors, and get your own unique look! (follow me @angelarosehome for more DIY and video tutorials)

Did you know you can buy ikea cabinets without the doors? (so you can add your own custom doors)

*Shop all room sources here

STEP 1: Buy your Ikea BESTA cabinet

1. Here are the links to buy IKEA BESTA cabinet boxes (without the doors).

47in x 25in BESTA Cabinet: $65 *I used 2 of these for my mural toy shelf

47in x 15 3/4in BESTA Cabinet: $55 *I used 1 of these for my DIY bench

2. Also, you can find all the different BESTA cabinet frames here

3. Use the Ikea Planning Tool

***You can also make bench seats with the IKEA Sektion cabinets.

Here are the links to other items you can grab for your BESTA cabinet


Soft close hinges

BESTA Storage Boxes (small or large)

Wall Mount

Legs or These Legs or Invisible Support Leg

**If you are floating your bench like mine, you can add wood strips painted black under your cabinet. You can also add L brackets to the insides to help support more weight. I just have mine propped up on 2 x 4s right now until I mount it to the wall and use an Invisible Support Leg.

STEP 2: Pick out your custom Semihandmade door fronts to match up with your IKEA cabinet.

At Semihandmade you can get custom door fronts in a ton of colors, wood tones, or a DIY version you can paint. (I am showing you the BESTA sizes, but you can also get doors for bathroom Gogmordan cabinets, and kitchen Sektion cabinets)

Besta Door 23 5/8in x 25 1/4in: $79-$99 per door *I used 4 of these for the mural toy shelf

Besta Door/Drawer 23 5/8in x 15 in:$69-$89 per door *I used 2 of these for the DIY bench

STEP 3: Assemble your Besta unit!

Whew. A lot of info! Assembling these BESTA units is easy. The cabinet doors come with the hinge cup hole already drilled, just use your drill to make pilot holes for the screws (DON’T screw all the way through your door!).

STEP 4: Pick hardware and make a top or DIY bench cushion (if you’d like)

Once your unit is assembled with the door on, you can pick hardware (here is mine) and add a top or DIY bench cushion if you’d like (plywood, cushion etc.).

I made a no sew DIY bench cushion with leftover plywood cut to fit the top of my piece, an old mattress pad cut slightly larger than my plywood, batting to wrap and staple around that, and a curtain panel/fabric to wrap and staple. I wrapped mine like a present with the sides going in first and the front and back stapling last.

I want to see your DIY Besta Benches and Cushions! Message me and follow me @angelarosehome for more DIY and video tutorials. You can always direct message me with any questions!

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