One Room Challenge: Week 3

We are reaching the halfway point in the One Room Challenge and I am making the final decisions on the fireplace. So here is a (scary) view into my head to see the decisions I am weighing out.

  1. Shiplap the side walls. I am sold on this one. I want the warmth of the shiplap to offset the modern fireplace. I feel like the shiplap will soften the overall look.
  2. Floating bench. I still need to work out the storage, but I love LOVE the look of the floating bench with a cement fireplace. Now to figure out the storage…
  3. Mantel or no mantel. I am on the fence about this one. I love a clean modern fireplace, but I love the practicality of having a mantel. Christmas decorations, holidays, seasonal decor. Not sure!
  4. Artwork. Also on the fence about this. Do I want art on the fireplace or is the fireplace art itself.
  5. Hanging plants. Yes…I need plants!

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