Kitchen and Bath Industry Show with Samsung

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Last week I had the amazing opportunity of attending the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show with Samsung. I loved being able to see firsthand all the new products coming out and how they allow for so much customization in both appearance and function. You know I love beautiful things, but even more than that…I love beautiful things that also solve a problem, and that’s exactly what Samsung is doing.

I loved being able to see the different looks of Samsung’s appliances in the 4 kitchen packages. Each kitchen package showcased a different modern look and featured 4 different appliance looks and finishes.

Kitchen Package 1: Black Stainless

I love the look of the black stainless! I feel like it’s a fun new twist on the standard stainless steel and gives more of a sleek and masculine feel. More and more people are wanting to have their appliances custom to their own space, and the black gives an updated and modern look.

Kitchen Package 2: Tuscan Stainless Steel

This is a new look that I am loving. I like the warmth in the color and that the finish is slightly more matte. I can see this look becoming very popular over the next few years with buyers. They described this overall look as an updated farmhouse, and I loved it. This was my favorite look!

Kitchen Package 3: Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has been the go-to and standard for kitchen finishes for years. However, this kitchen gave an updated look to the popular stainless steel. One way they updated the look was in the recessed handles. This feature gave an overall minimal and modern appearance.

Kitchen Package 4: Urban Kitchen

I love this economical option! This compact version gives a smaller footprint and allows for a lot of versatility for multi-family dwellers or smaller spaces. I am excited for the flexibility this option will bring for many people, as I see a need for these types of appliances increasing in the coming years.

BESPOKE Refrigerator

I had fun so much fun with the Bespoke refrigerator display! My favorite thing was being able to customize the colors with their interactive display! This can be customized by color, configurations, and material.

Here are the colors you can choose.

They have Satin Glass, Glam Glass, and Cotta Metal. I love the glam glass options! I also love the way the cotta metal texture feels. Mostly, I love that it puts the power in the buyer hands to choose exactly what they want!

Here are the different configurations

There are so many ways to configure this. You can have 2 top fridge doors with 2 bottom mount freezers, a bottom mount freezer and one door, or 2 fridge doors.

Family Hub Refrigerator

Okay, this was favorite of all of Samsung’s displays! It was so cool to see demonstrated all the Connected Living features. From the Family Hub you can see all your connected appliances, instantly share images on the family board, do TV mirroring, meal planning, smart home, streaming music, and more. Here were my favorite features.

See what’s in your fridge.

Having the ability to see what’s in your fridge is a cool feature, but what’s really helpful is that the artificial intelligence can actually identify what is currently IN your fridge as well! This comes in really handy when shopping or creating shopping lists.

Food list

Since the fridge can identify what is in your fridge, you can get an automatic food list! This makes shopping for groceries and making shopping lists so much more efficient.

Play music, look up recipes etc.

Basically, this fridge can help you connect all your smart devices, and even see who is at the front door! You can even start, stop, monitor and receive notifications from your other connected appliances. Additionally you can listen to your favorite music, check the weather, or mirror what’s on your TV so you don’t feel left out while in the kitchen.

Leave notes and pictures

My kids would love this feature. You can leave notes for your kids, and even upload pictures. No more need for magnets all over your fridge, you can keep the look of your fridge clean by just utilizing these tools.

And Finally, the Slide In range.

This has a new UX that simplifies your cooking experience. It also has the strongest and widest range of cooktop power. My favorite was the sleek design that gives a built-in look to existing kitchens.

Thank you Samsung for letting me in on all your coolest and newest secrets. I loved getting the inside scoop and can’t wait to see what this next year brings!

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