Home Update with New Doors

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I am so excited about this home update I’m about to show you! My house is 24 years old and was built in 1996. I think there are a few features in your home that always automatically date it and tell it’s true age…and one of those is the DOORS. I have been wanting to update these for years, and am finally getting around to it. Here are all the options that I have been weighing.

By now, you all know my style is very simple and clean. When looking for new doors, I was looking for affordable options along with new hardware as well.

Let’s start off with a good BEFORE and AFTER



Here are my current doors.

6 panel doors and gold hardware automatically dates these doors a couple decades.

Here are the options I was considering:

Clean Modern door hardware

Craftsman Classic door hardware

Fresh Farmhouse door hardware

Bold and Minimal door hardware

A few helpful tips when buying doors:

You can buy JUST the door, or you can buy the door with the frame. When you buy JUST the door, be aware that they come in standard sizes like 30 in x 80 in, but if you measure YOUR door in your house it’ll probably be around 29.5 in x 79.5 in. This means you will need your new door slightly trimmed down, hinge placements and door knob holes cut out.

You can get doors hung by a handyman or go through the store, but a handyman will be more affordable most likely.

Hollow core vs. solid core

Hollow core doors are more affordable than a solid core door, but they still have wood around the perimeter, and so they are able to be cut down slightly to fit your door. For the best sound blocking, solid core doors do a better job.

Tutorial for Painting Interior Doors


STEP 1: Cut in

Cut in first around the rectangles using your Purdy brush. Once you cut in, take your foam roller and lightly roll around the edges to smooth out your paint lines.

STEP 2: Roll in this order

Using a foam roller, start by rolling in the insides of your rectangles. Next I like to roll the horizontal pieces, and then finish with the vertical.

STEP 3: Lightly sand

Using 220 grit sandpaper, lightly sand between coats for the smoothest finish.

STEP 4: Paint second coat

Using your HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams paint, paint your second coat

Then put on your hardware, and you are done!

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