Functional Furniture for Families

create a space that is functional for your family

Initially, you might not think that modern style and family comfort go together, but I am here to tell you they do. You can have sleek modern lines, mixed mediums, and a place where everyone wants to hang out. I am sharing my favorite functional furniture for families. It shouldn’t be a surprise that I have a lot of favorites, right?

create a space that is functional for your family

Functional Furniture: Chairs

If we are talking functional for family, I’ve got to start with somewhere the whole family can sit. Chairs are a great way to create functionality for a family. They can be used in a wide variety of rooms. Plus, chairs can be moved around to create different setups to fit your family’s needs. Here are some of my all-time favorite modern chair designs. 

stylish chairs that will be great fit for your family

Newport Lounger

The Newport Lounger takes the classic beanbag and modernizes it with a sail-inspired shape. It’s perfect for lounging and has a very minimalist design.  Plus, it can be used anywhere from the porch to the playroom which screams functional to me. 

The Peyton Chair 

The Peyton Chair is a sling-style seat with thick cushions for added comfort. It has a modern laid-back feel with smooth leather and a gunmetal iron frame.  It is a perfect option for adding a modern feel to your space. And did I mention how comfortable it is?!?

The Yates Chair

The Yates Chair is all sorts of modern with its black and white contemporary design.  It has an open, black metal frame that cradles its cushion, giving a comfortable yet contemporary design. I know white may seem scary when thinking of functionality for a family, but I have not had a problem with getting them clean (even when spills happen).

Hanging Rattan Chair

This hanging rattan chair is a natural crowd-pleaser. It has an iconic design that features a sculptural frame. The scooped seat cradles you as you float and is so fun to sit in! Picture it in the living room or the library for some added fun. Or, you could even use it in a bedroom with some fun pillows for a pop of color and personality.

Sleepytime Rocking Chair

The Sleepytime Rocker is a lightly padded rocking chair that could be used in the living room, a nursery, or even a bedroom. Its fitted back and ash hardwood legs are so dreamy! The rocker has mixed textures and smooth vibes which shout comfortable modern style. 

Don’t Forget the Kitchen

Eagle Ridge Farmhouse Style Solid Wood Dining Chair

I have shared a bunch of chairs that would be functional for any living space, but I cannot forget to talk about dining room chairs. The Eagle Ridge Farmhouse Style Solid Wood Dining chair is my absolute favorite. While the name says farmhouse, I get all sorts of modern vibes with its contemporary trendy feel. This chair is made from solid wood with 7 spindles joining the curved top rail to form a truly comfortable chair. 



Functional Furniture: Beds

Our families have got to have places to sleep, so why not have a stylish sleep. For me, modern design comes down to the small details which are a great way to bring out personalities in our personal spaces. I have built custom DIY beds, but there is just something about these modern meds.  I love them just as they are. 

functional beds for your family

Olive Kid’s Trundle

When it comes to families, we need our furniture to work for us. It is why I love the Olive Twin Trundle Bed. This trundle bed is a smart space solution for kid’s rooms whether it’s a shared space or hosting a sleepover. It has a clean, simple style that will coordinate with the modern feel of your home. The trundle underneath can also be used as space-saving storage that easily tucks away with caster wheels. Talk about functional. 

Maren Olive Twin Cane Bed

The Maren Olive Twin Cane Bed is a modern-inspired, two-tone bed that combines natural cane with a neutral finish. The design is modern, but its clean design can grow along with your little ones as they find their own style (even if it is a little different than the modern we love). The arched headboard speaks to me and I can see it being used in either a boy or girl’s room.

Functional Furniture: Desk

If the past few years have taught us anything, it is to have a space for our families to be able to study and work. If you don’t want to build your own modern desk, you should look into this favorite of mine.

furniture that is functional for your family

Hampshire Olive Green Kids Desk

The Hampshire Olive Green Kids Desk features a clean and timeless design. It is extremely versatile and works with any type of decor. This desk is durable, which is important with kids, as well as beautiful. It is just big enough to be workable, but it won’t take over the entire space. 

Functional Furniture for Families

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t have the modern furniture that you want. The key is making sure you find functional furniture for families. I love sharing my favorites with you, just like I love sharing the projects I am working on. Come hang out with me on Instagram and TikTok to see what I am up to. And remember, magic happens when you stop pinning and start doing. 


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