Finding the Right Headboard

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It’s no secret that my next big project is tackling my master bedroom. I can’t wait to tackle every inch in here, between the faux fireplace and “crying” bench. Finding the right headboard was actually what inspired so many of the projects I am going to do to transform the space. When everything comes together it is going to be so dreamy! My own personal sanctuary to dream up even bigger dreams.  

headboard choices www.angelarosehome.comFinding the Right Headboard

There are a few things to consider when trying to find the right headboard. You want to pick one that is just right because it is one of the focal points of every bedroom. Don’t worry I have you covered! Here’s my thought process for finding my headboard so that you can the perfect one to meet (or inspire) the vibe of your room. 

Common Headboard Sizes

When you are looking for a headboard, a great place to start is to figure out what size you want. Do you want something big and grand? Or are you going for a vibe that is more understated? There aren’t any rules when it comes to what size of the headboard to use. But typically, headboard sizes vary depending on the size of the bed you have. Especially the width. Here’s a list of common headboard sizes.

Twin bed: 41 inches wide

Full bed: 56 inches wide

Queen bed: 62 inches wide

King bed: 80 inches wide

how to pick the right headboard

Functionality of Your Headboard

Another thing to consider when picking out a headboard is what type of function you want it to have. Do you want your headboard to be purely decorative? Or do you want it to have small functions like storing books and personal items? Most of the popular headboards now are purely decorative, but I remember a time when everyone had bookcase/storage beds. 

Fun Fact: Headboards were originally designed back in ancient times. Ancient Greece and Egypt to be exact. They were designed to be a barrier from drafts and cold walls. Now we typically use headboards as decorative, but they still provide barriers between your head and the wall as well as make sure your pillows don’t fall through the cracks. If you know you know.



Headboard Styles

Now it’s time for the fun part! Knowing the functionality you need and the size of the headboard you are looking for is like doing your homework or practicing lines for a play. Super important, but not always fun. Picking the style of the headboard where you get to create the magic! There are so many choices out there. Here’s a review of the most traditional headboard styles. 






Bookcase or Storage

choosing headboards

Panel Headboards


Panel Headboards are usually flat rectangular boards that sit at the head of the bed. Sounds simple, right? Usually, the outer edges of the panel headboard have fun detailing like curved edges, framed edges, nailheads, etc. 

Wingback Headboards

Wingback headboards are designed to have two panels coming out from the edge of the headboard to enclose the top of the bed. It is like the bed is being snuggled by the headboard. If you can’t find the perfect wingback headboard, you can always DIY your own. Check out my tutorial on how to create your own wingback headboard here

Slat Headboards

Slat headboards are considered more traditional. They can have either vertical or horizontal slats along the entire headboard and are usually framed by a simple outer edge. 

Open-Frame Headboards

Open-frame headboards are also a very traditional style. They have an outer frame that encompasses an inner design. The designs can vary from metal bars to extremely detailed designs. 

Sleigh Headboards

Do you know the Christmas song that  goes, “in a one-horse open sleigh?” Well, bundle up because this style of headboard has all the vibes of a horse-drawn sleigh. Sleigh headboards are typically very heavy and have curved or scrolled details. 

Bookcase/Storage Headboard

A bookcase headboard is pretty straightforward. It is what it sounds like, a headboard with built-in shelves cabinets, or drawers. I remember everyone having these when I was growing up. It is a great option when the space in the room is limited. 

What is the Headboard Made Out Of?

The last thing to consider when finding a headboard is what type of materials it is made out of. Think of the vibe you want in your room. What elements will work best in that space? Metals, fabric, wood, etc. There are so many awesome products to choose from. If you are wanting a sleek modern design, you may want to lean toward a metal headboard. Looking for something that feels more relaxed? I’d suggest an upholstered headboard. I know I’ve said it before, but there aren’t any rules to finding the right headboard. It is all about considering what options work best with your personal style.  

The Headboard I Chose

I’ve been hinting about the dreamy headboard that inspired all sorts of projects in my master bedroom. Are you ready to see what I picked? I’m feeling like this needs a drumroll… I picked the Jeni platform bed by Lulu and Georgia.

my new headboard

The Jeni platform bed by Lulu and Georgia stole my heart. Something about its clean wingback design and cane-paneled headboard had me. If you have been hanging out with me for a while, you know I am a sucker for sleek modern lines. Especially when they are combined with natural textures. It’s the perfect fit for the sanctuary vibes I’ve been dreaming up.

Finding the Right Headboard

Let’s check in. How are you feeling about finding the right headboard? I know whatever you choose is going to be great! Make sure you tag me @angelarosehome when you show off your new furniture. I love seeing what you come up with! Finding my headboard was only the starting point for this master bedroom transformation, so make sure you are hanging out with me on Instagram and TikTok so you can everything comes together. And don’t forget… Stop pinning. Start Doing. 

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