Favorite Athleisurewear for My DIYer Lifestyle

If you are a DIYer, you need athleisurewear. www.angelarosehome.com

A girl has got to be comfy when tackling DIY projects. Am I right? You have to be able to move around, lift heavy things, and sometimes get yourself out of some pretty weird positions. DIY athleisurewear is a thing. And if not, I decided I am going to make it a thing because I need clothes that allow me to tackle my projects. I’ve definitely got some favorite athleisurewear for my DIYer lifestyle and I want to share them with you.

Athleisurewear is a DIYer must have! www.angelarosehome.com

Favorite Athleisurewear: Leggings

A good pair of leggings are a must-have! I honestly can’t count how many I have. I have some I consider “dressy” and others that might still have some bits of previous projects I can’t get out. Please don’t tell me I am the only one who has different categories of leggings. No matter what pair of leggings I’m sporting, they have to move with me and be thick enough that I am not showing too much if you know what I mean. Here are some of my all-time favorite leggings. 

  • Spanx Faux Leather Leggings are a total compliment magnet and are ultra-comfortable. They feature a contoured power waistband that gives you a flat gut and great butt. I love the high-waisted design because it is for great coverage.
  • Spanx Faux Patent Leather Leggings is a new take on your favorite faux leather legging. It’s designed with a hidden contoured waistband and sleek smoothing fabric. You can totally dress it up or down with its high shine and you will turn heads. I love wearing these leggings when I am feeling extra sassy. 
  • Lululemon Align High Rise Pant is the ultimate style of leggings for feeling really, really comfortable. I’ve had my pair of Lululemon leggings for a while so when I went to share them with you they don’t carry them anymore. But this style is similar to the pair I have. It has a really cool hidden waistband pocket that will help keep things out of your hands while you are tackling your DIY dreams. 

When living the DIYer lifestyle, athleisurewear is a must. www.angelarosehome.com

Favorite Athleisurewear: Shorts

Sometimes I give my leggings a rest and break out a good pair of shorts. Are you team shorts or team leggings? I guess you don’t have to have a preference. As long as it fits with my DIYer lifestyle, I am on board. I do have a few favorite athletic shorts that I wear when I am in project mode. Check them out!

  • CRZ Yoga Women’s Quick Dry Running Shorts have a feathery-fit fabric with a stretchy mesh brief inner liner that offers extra coverage. The internal waistband pocket is perfect for stashing small items as well as the side zip pocket. I also love that they are light a breathable. 
  • Free People’s The Way Home Shorts are a breezy running-style pair of shorts. I love the stretch waistband that gives a high-rise silhouette. And the split-hem of the shorts is super cute! These shorts come in a wide variety of colors so you can match them with anything. I personally have them in so many colors. 

Crop tops are one of my favorite pieces of athleisurewear for my DIYer lifestyle. www.angelarosehome.com

Favorite Athleisurewear: Crop Tops

I LOVE a good crop top. If you’ve been hanging out with me on Instagram or TikTok you know. I am almost always sporting one. I am not partial. Cropped shirts. Cropped tanks. They are all my jam! Are you a fan too? If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, check out my favorites. You just might need one or two of them. 

  • Next Level Cali Crop is extremely comfortable. It is so soft! I also love that the bottom hem and sleeves have a cropped raw edge detail. 
  • Free People We The Free Perfect Tee is also a sleeved crop top. What makes it different is the cuffed short sleeves and cropped silhouette. It is the perfect essential for any wardrobe. I may or may not have this shirt in a few colors. 
  • Mippo Flowy Crop Tank has a roomy feel that is flowy. It is very comfortable and light-weight. Plus its stretchy and moisture-wicking fabric offers all-day comfort which is what you want when you are wrapped up in a DIY project.
  • Free People Happiness Runs Crop is a seamless cropped compression rib tank. You can wear it with or without a bra. It is perfect for keeping you comfortable while you a getting your projects done.
  • Lululemon Align Tank has so many amazing features. The cropped tank is made in the most buttery soft fabric that it makes me want to wear it all the time! It has a built-in shelf bra so you don’t have to worry about layers. The best part is that the tank comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. If you are anything like me, you may end up with a few Align tanks because it is so hard to choose just one color. 


Favorite Athleisurewear: Footwear

Footwear is also super important for DIY projects. When thinking of athleisurewear I obviously have to share my favorite running shoes. But I also cannot turn away from a good high-top. I know I have freaked out a few of you in the past while painting in my bright white Chucks. Either way, good footwear is a must! Check out my favorite footwear staples for when I am DIYing. 

  • Nike Tanjun Sneaker is a back-to-basics sneaker. It is designed for soft, easy comfort. Definitely the perfect shoe for any DIY project. These sneakers do run small so if you decide to get a pair, make sure you order a 1/2 size up.
  • Chuck Taylor All-Star Classic was the OG basketball shoe and has been worn by athletes, artists, musicians, and now DIYers everywhere. There is just something about this shoe that sends me back to middle school but also makes me feel like I can conquer any DIY project that I dream up.
  • Chuck Taylor All-Star Lift Sneaker has a lightweight canvas upper with the traditional Chuck Taylor rubber sole. This style does run a little bit big. So, consider sizing down when you grab your pair. You know you want to be twins!
  • Nike Blazer ‘77 Vintage has a  timeless design that’s easy to wear. They feel a little retro but also go with any outfit you put together. I wear these shoes all the time.

If you are a DIYer, you need athleisurewear. www.angelarosehome.com

Other Favorites That Aren’t Technically Athleisurewear

I have a few other favorite DIY must-haves that technically aren’t athleisurewear, but I had to mention them! A non-athleisurewear staple in my DIYer closet is a good hat. When you are doing a project, you don’t always have time to get all the way ready. Hats are perfect when you want to just jump into your DIY and get going. The other must-have is my stylish pair of safety glasses. Who says safety glasses have to be ugly? When I am rocking my cute safety glasses I feel cooler with some extra sass. 

Favorite Athleisurewear for my DIYer Lifestyle

Over the past few years of DIYing, I have found some favorite athleisurewear outfits to wear while I am bouncing between mom life and doing projects. Once I stopped pinning and started doing, I always had something going on and I needed clothes that were going to help me get everything done. If you are looking for DIY inspiration, or more of my cool outfits, follow me on Instagram and TikTok. The DIYer lifestyle is always going and I would love to have you along the ride!

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