Boy Bedroom Reveal and DIY Curtain Rod Tent

My poor middle child has pretty much been without a real bedroom since he was born. For the past 2 years, he has been sleeping in the undecorated guest bedroom and I decided it was time to give him a legit space! The only requirements he gave me were that it had GREEN and that it had a TENT. I am thrilled with how the room is coming together. Below are the details on the space and tutorial for the DIY Curtain Rod Tent! (follow along @angelarosehome for more DIY and video tutorials)

Here were my initial plans for his space:

I fell in love with this cloud wallpaper and green bed right from the start, and then added in a little color and texture with the other pieces. I’m in love with the blue triangle pillow and seriously want to order all of the pillows from the One Affirmation etsy shop. The long lumbar leather pillow was a custom size by the another Etsy shop, and a killer deal (you can also customize your size)…and through my research these leather pillows were normally at least $200!

Installing the wallpaper was a fun learning process, but with a lot of You Tube tutorials, I made it through!

DIY Curtain Rod Tent

This is possibly the easiest and coolest kid room addition ever! All you need is a curtain rod and curtains!

Step 1: Find the ceiling joists in your ceiling with a stud finder.

You don’t want this curtain rod falling out! If you screw into the ceiling joists, you should be good! Here’s a tip: if you aren’t positive you’ve found a ceiling joist, you can hammer in a nail…if it goes right through and slides in and out and its just drywall. If you hit the joist, you’ll hear it hit wood and then it won’t pull out!

Step 2: Line up your curtain rod and screw it in.

Here is the rod that I used.

Step 3: Add curtains!

Curtains with tabs on them are the easiest and make sure you get them long enough (I used these from IKEA). That way you can just weave back and forth between the two sides and not have to do any cutting or sewing!

Tag me @angelarosehome in your Curtain Rod Tent projects and as always, you can find all room sources under Shop My Home…Tent Bedroom

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