Affordable Neutral Rug Round Up

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Nothing quite completes a space like an area rug. It can make a room feel instantly finished, and bring a whole space together. So today I have rounded up some favorite affordable neutral rugs that would look good in any space!

Top Three Rug Questions:

I have carpet all over my house. Can I still use a rug? The answer to this question is a resounding YES!!! Rugs are an amazing tool over carpet and serve many functions beyond just being pretty! They can help protect the permanent flooring, OR they can mask carpet that may not be your favorite but isn’t the budget to replace. If you have a bedroom or living room and thought that you weren’t able to put a rug down…GO FOR IT!

The Rules of Rug Sizing

What size of rug should I get? The answer is almost always that bigger is better. I know, I know… you want to get the smaller one because it feels more affordable and you think you can get away with it! I am here to tell you to hold off and save for the bigger one if it isn’t in the budget right now. You will be so happy that you did. Flip through any home magazine or Pinterest pages that look professionally done…. what do they have in common when it comes to rugs?? SPOILER ALERT: the rug is large and in charge.. doing its job by circling all of the furniture in. Here is a great visual aid to demonstrate rug size in various rooms.

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Photo Cred

How do I find a rug pattern and color that will work in my space? This one does come down to personal preference. But, I love to keep rugs neutral. I want the barn door or the fun pop of color on a wall treatment to be the star.

I have rounded up 12 of my most favorite AFFORDABLE rugs today Walmart , and they would look great in any room! I recently ordered a few rugs online because it’s so easy to just have them shipped to my house. And for the rugs I decide not to keep, I just take them back to the store. EASY! I love how just a couple hundred dollars can transform a space.

12 Affordable Neutral Rugs for ANY space

  1. Safevieh Montauk Rosalind Contemporary Braided Rug
  2. MoDRN Scandinavian Linear Triangles Area Rug
  3. MoDRN Scandinavian Diamond Flat Weave Area Rug
  4. Serene Kashan Center Medallion Ivory
  5. MoDRN Industrial Patterned Lines Flat Weave Area Rug
  6. Safavieh Adirondack Wyatt Traditional Area Rug
  1. Safavieh Natural Fiber Milica Braided Area Rug
  2. nuLOOM Shaina Tribal Area Rug
  3. Safavieh Natural Fiber Carrie Braided Area Rug
  4. Sarina Diamonds Area Rug
  5. nuLOOM Vintage Medallion Amerie Fringe Area Rug
  6. noLOOM Hand Woven Don Jute With Fringe

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