Weekly links: aka “what was that link again?”

Hi friends, sorry its been awhile since I have posted weekly links. Here is an easy list of all the sources and links I used during the week on @angelarosehome.


Some of my FAQ of the week

  • What color are your cabinets? I decided on Rock Bottom Sherwin Williams in enamel – or Dream Dusk when ordering from Nieu Cabinet Doors
  • Does enamel paint need a primer and top coat? Primer is recommended but not required. There is no top coat required with enamel paint.
  • What is more smooth – sprayer or foam roller? Sprayer is more smooth but it takes more prep and taping off for overspray. Roller is easier clean up but is tricky to get smooth.
  • Where did you get your countertops? From Bedrosian in Las Vegas, NV.
  • How are you ordering custom cabinet fronts? Nieu Cabinet Doors – I sent them my measurements and the color that I picked. My code is ANGELAROSEHOME5 for 5% off!
  • How does Nieu compare to Semi Handmade with price? Nieu is $20 per square foot while Semi Handmade is around $50 per square foot.
  • Where does Marco work? Color Stone llc in Las Vegas – 702-771-9314 (They are associated with Bedrosian – where I purchased my counters and backsplash in danby marble)

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