Operation Fall-ify the House

This post is sponsored by Ruggable.

I love holidays and changing seasons, but I am not a fan of clutter! So I end up not doing any decorating (haha! I know I know, I am a home blogger so this is a tragedy!) So today, I am showing you how to totally decorate for a season…without adding any clutter!

STEP 1: Switch out rug

I know this is a different idea, but there is something fun about switching out the things in the room that already existed there before. Switching out the rug is a great way to bring in different colors that can go along with the seasons. For the fall, I grabbed a couple of rugs with warm tones to bring out the fall season.

Here’s are the two options that I am deciding between for the fall.

Celestine Coral rug

Zareen Scarlet Red rug

Here’s why I love these Ruggable rugs. They have a non-slip pad you put underneath and the rug grips to it. You can take off the rug, fold it up and actually wash it! (and it’s stain resistant). And I love that they can be interchangeable.

STEP 2: Swap out your pillows. Pull out 2 or 3 colors from your rug and repeat them around in the pillows.

STEP 3: Add or swap out wall decor. If you have artwork hung up, you can actually switch it out with something seasonal. For my October decor, I thought it would be fun to add bats to my brick wall! The wall is totally blank and so this is a really fun addition.

Happy Fall! And happy no clutter fall decorations haha!

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