Mother’s Day Gift Guide: For the Workout Lover 

As a mom, it’s important for me to regularly exercise! Not only is it one of my favorite “me time” activities, but it strengthens my heart, improves my circulation, and gives my body a boost of energy!

If your mom is a runner, she might be in the market for a new pair of running shoes. Does your mom like to hike? She might be interested in a new smart watch with GPS. If your mom never misses a yoga class, she might benefit from a new yoga mat! Whatever lifestyle she may prefer, you cannot go wrong with giving her the gift of health. Lucky for you, I’ve rounded up some awesome gifts to get her this Mother’s Day! 

Bala Bangles

Is your mom stuck in the same workout routine? Give her the gift of Bala Bangles, arm/ankle weights to spice up her workout routine. These are equally fashionable as they are functional and can be used to add resistance during your next workout! 

Lululemon Belt Bag

The Lululemon belt bag (or fanny pack) is the perfect bag for a momma on the go. Your mom can wear this to the gym, on a run, or running errands. This bag is the perfect size to hold your keys, wallet, and phone! Not to mention, it makes every outfit super cute. 

Thera Gun

Recovery is just as important as exercise. The Thera Gun relieves muscle tension, accelerates warm up and recovery, and enhances performance. It comes with multiple head attachments to target different parts of your body. Not only will mom love this gift but her whole family will too! 

Adjustable Dumbbell Set

An adjustable dumbbell set is the perfect gift for the work-from-home mom who snags a few minutes to workout during naptime. This dumbbell set is easy to store, set up, and switch out weights during workouts! 

Electric Foam Roller 

Your mom can foam roll her way to recovery with this electric muscle roller. It helps release tension, ease soreness, and improve overall flexibility, so she can be ready for your next gym session! This foam roller is made for back, arms, legs, and other muscle groups and features five levels of vibration. Your mother can select the speed of her liking and let those tired muscles relax! 

Trade out the candle or spa kit you might usually get your mom for a fitness-centered gift that will keep your mom inspired to keep pushing toward her fitness goals! Still not sure what to get mom this year? Check out my other Mother’s Day gift guides HERE for additional ideas! 

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