Favorite Front Door Colors

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Picking paint can be the most stressful part of every project. That’s why I did all the work and rounded up my favorite exterior door colors for you! I also have some helpful tips with picking exterior paint…so read on below!

TIP 1: Know your undertones!

Often colors appear bolder outside since the natural light brings out the color. So be aware of what undertones your color has, because it will likely be much more noticeable compared to your paint chip.

TIP 2: Colors appear lighter.

Another reason to test your samples outside, is because often your color will also appear lighter.

TIP 3: Know the direction of your house.

This one is for those of you who are REALLY serious about picking the right color. The direction your house faces effects the color as well. Northern light is more blue and cool, while Southern light is more yellow and warm.

Okay, now here’s my list of favorite Ace color for exterior doors! (I love to use primed shiplap boards for my samples!) Find an Ace near you.

You all know I love blacks, blues and greens! Here are my favorites, and below they are broken down by dark, medium, and light.

Dark Colors

(from left to right, these are all Clark and Kensington colors)

  • Black Sand: black with warm undertones
  • Dot Dot Dot: black with blue undertones
  • Dramatic Fairway: black with green undertones
  • Midnight Stroll: pure black

Medium Colors

(from left to right, all Clark and Kensington colors)

  • Black Chiffon: soft black with blue undertones
  • Pine Grove: deep forest green with blue undertones
  • Charcoal pencil: dark blue with a little green
  • Island Hopping: bold ocean blue

Light Colors

(from left to right, all Clark and Kensington colors)


  • Gothic Iron: bold blue
  • Smokey Eyes: cool gray with blue undertones
  • Charcoal Cashmere: warm gray


  • Fog Rolls In: light gray blue
  • After The Rain: very light gray
  • Stone Fireplace: light warm gray

Remember: samples are affordable, so don’t be afraid to get tons of them! (in fact, I got 14 for my door project. ha!) I then like to pick my favorite 2 to 4 and paint bigger swatches. After I watch the samples all day in the different lights, then I make my final selection! Happy painting! (follow my painting adventures @angelarosehome )

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