Episode 3: DIY Together

I’m so excited to share Episode 3 of DIY Together with all of you just in time for the holidays! I can’t wait for you to discover more about Kellie and witness the MAGICAL transformation we’ve made to her space!


This episode of DIY Together is here just in time for the holidays! Introducing the star of episode 3, Kellie. Kellie lives in Henderson, NV. She is a single mom with a full-time career and is hosting her family for the FIRST TIME EVER this holiday season! Check out how we transformed her dining room space into a modern winter wonderland!


One of my favorite features of this room was hanging the snowflakes to the ceiling. It truly elevated this space and added that extra bit of MAGIC you guys know I love to add to my spaces.


Episode 3 was truly magical, and I can’t wait to hear how special Kellie’s holiday is going to be! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my Youtube to keep up with ALL of my DIY show progress and stay up-to-date with all of my latest DIY projects! Thanks for always being so supportive, talk to you guys soon!!


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