5 Ways to Get the Cement Look

I have totally jumped on this cement bandwagon…and I can’t get enough. There are so many different ways to add this material to your home. Here are my 5 ways that you can add the cement look.

1.Solid cement counters: My friend @philip_or_flop has a great tutorial for cement counters on his instagram in his story highlights.

2. Cement look fireplace (obviously! haha): I used Portola Paints Roman Clay to achieve a cement look to my fireplace. See tutorial here.

3. Cement look walls: You can use this same Portola Paints Roman Clay on a wall to achieve a cement wall look as well!

4. Cement Accents: I just got this Zen lamp from Troy Lighting and love the cement look base.

Here are a few others that I also liked.

5. DIY cement furniture: You can take a thin layer of cement and apply it over surfaces to make cement furniture. This tutorial by Young House Love is fantastic.

There you go! Now go get your cement love!

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