Weekly links: aka “what was that link again?”

Here is an easy list of all the sources and links I used during the week on @angelarosehome.

The links that happened through the week on the Angela rose home instagram account


My modern dollhouse plans that were released this week! Perfect Christmas present for your littles.

picture of me from this week with my updated patio and slat wall

Black planters, Camo joggers, Nike sneakers, faux succulents.

Some of my FAQ of the week

  • How many packs of faux plants did you use for your planters? 2
  • What light did you end up using in the closet hangout? A flush mount LED light that we wired.
  • Where is the rug from the stair closet from? It’s vintage.
  • What is the link to the vintage rugs you had on your story? Sorry Instagram was glitching this week it was working for some people and others it wasn’t. If that happens again you can exit the app and restart it and it should be fixed. Rug 1, Rug 2, Rug 3
  • Where did you get your grey sweatshirt from the post? J.Crew
  • What is the cure time on the stucco wall? A few days for it to fully dry before you paint it.
  • What was the Eufy code and how long is the code active? The code for an Amazon purchase is eufySlim1 (careful it is case sensitive). Code is active for till the end of the month.

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