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  1. Hey, I’m so not handy, like at all. But, I’m attempting these floating shelves. I have a few questions, first of all, what size screws did you use for your support, support cleats and regular cleats? And, when you did the small pilot holes on the support board (1×2) how did you do those? They look different than the Kreg Jig holes. TIA

  2. Can I ask what size were your tiles and what size did you order the stencil on Etsy? I have 12 x 12 tiles that look identical to what you show above and would love to try this. Although when converted to cm, I see I would need a 30.5×30.5 cm stencil, and the options in the Etsy shop are 30×30 or 45×45…appreciate your advice.

  3. Hello,

    I need something exactly like this except the left side is not up against a wall.I plan on the shelf being 22 wide by 15 inch deep. Do you think it would support a microwave?

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