Best Modern Green Colors for Your Home

I am sharing my favorite modern green colors for your home.

I have a thing for green. There, I said it. Now that I said it I am feeling so much better already. It shouldn’t be too surprising though. So many of my projects feature different shades of green. I just can’t help it, I love it! If you are looking for the best modern green colors for your home, don’t go anywhere. Grab a cozy blanket. Pull up a chair and get ready to hang out with me because I am sharing my favorites with you. 

Why I’m Loving Green to Create a Modern Vibe

There is just something about green. It brings a breath of fresh air into a space while also packing a punch of color. It’s soothing and peaceful while also being bold. Green promotes relaxation, healing, and growth. When it comes down to it, the color green helps me pull the stress out of my home so that my family and I have a calm (ok, calm-ish with kids) place to just be.

The Best Modern Green Colors for Your Home

I’ve put together a list of what I consider to be the best modern green colors for your home. All of them have their own unique modern twist on traditional green colors. 

I cannot get enough of these modern green colors.

Modern Green #1- Forest Green

If you are looking for an enchanting color of green, you need Forest Green by Benjamin Moore. It is a dark shade of green that feels super sophisticated. Imagine a true green shade that is dark and rich. 


Modern Green #2- Hunter Green

Hunter Green by Benjamin Moore is a timeless dark green. It is deep, dreamy, and elegant. If you are looking for a bit of drama, you need to consider Hunter Green. It would be amazing anywhere, but in my opinion, it would be perfect on an accent wall. 


Modern Green #3- Essex Green

Benjamin Moore created the perfect color for my One Room Challenge Green Room. Essex Green. I had been searching for the perfect green (I went through like 20 samples before getting it right) and I finally landed on this perfect shade. Essex Green is a beautiful dark, foresty green that is nearly black.


Modern Green #4- Forest Floor

Forest Floor by Benjamin Moore is #4 on my list of best modern green colors for your home. Think of an olive green color so dark, so muted, that it is similar to a charcoal gray. It is a smoke show! 


Modern Green #5- Black Forest Green

If you are thinking of going with a deep color, try Black Forest Green by Benjamin Moore. It is a blackened shade of green that is dark and rich. If a color could be strong, Black Forest Green would be stoic. 


Modern Green #6-  Dark Olive

Dark Olive by Benjamin Moore is a dusty muted green that is earthy and elegant. It brings the freshness of the outdoors inside, making you feel like you are outside. Who doesn’t love that?


Modern Green #7- Narragansett Green

What color do you picture when someone describes historic architecture? I picture something moody and dusky. Benjamin Moore’s Narragansett Green is bold and conveys a strong sense of history. 


Modern Green #8- Salamander

You may have heard some people saying orange is the new black? No way! Salamander by Benjamin Moore is the new black. This intriguingly moody green color is a deep, dark mix of black, blue, and green.


Modern Green #9- Vintage Vogue

Are you tired of traditional blacks and browns? Vintage Vogue is an ultra-dark modern alternative. The smoky green can be used to elevate spaces that are lacking life.


Modern KINDA Green- Newburg Green

Yes, there is green in the name, but Newburg Green by Benjamin Moore isn’t actually a shade of green. Since green is in the name it still counts, right? Well, I decided it counts as a “kinda” green so I threw it in as a bonus for my best modern green colors for your home. The shade is technically a teal blue with green undertones. I used Newburg Green (with a matte finish) on my board and batten wall in my master bedroom. It is a highly saturated shade that pulls as a blue-green. 

Just One (Technically Two) More Best Modern Green Colors for Your Home

I know my list of favorite modern green colors is already long, but I have to include just one more. (See I am telling you, I love green!) The other green I have to mention is from my kitchen because people are always asking me about it. Life is too short to live in a space that you don’t love, and I wasn’t loving my kitchen. That is until I redesigned my kitchen and did a kitchen cabinet makeover

Instead of ripping out the cabinet boxes, I chose to paint the cabinet boxes Rock Bottom by Sherwin Williams and then reface the cabinet doors.  Have you heard of refacing? It’s when you replace all of your cabinet door and drawer faces with new ones to get a fresh new style and color. I was lucky enough to partner with Nieu to design a dreamy line of cabinet fronts in a variety of colors. Of course, the color I chose for my kitchen was Dream Dusk. It is one of the most perfect greens you will ever find and it matched the color of my painted cabinet bases, Rock Bottom, to the tee. Use code ANGELAROSEHOME5 for a 5% discount. 

Where to start adding modern green colors in your home.

Where to Feature Modern Green Colors in Your Home

You have a great list of modern green colors to choose from, but where should you use them in your home? Most modern green colors are saturated, moody, and begging to make a statement so let’s find a place for them to pop. 

A perfect place to show off some sass would be with a front door refresh. I recently gave my front door a makeover and it was the best way to modernize my home starting from the outside. 

Modern green colors also make a statement when paired with accent walls. I’ve done a variety of different accent walls where I feature a contrasting color. Most of my accent walls have been different shades of one color. Can you guess which color? If you said green you are right! Accent walls are great for bedrooms, hallways, and bathrooms. Really anywhere you want to bring in some contrasting detail. You could even do an accent ceiling for an added touch. 

I have also LOVED having green in my kitchen! I am not the first person to make a home-cooked meal during the week, but having green in my kitchen sparks my creativity. I feel inspired to fuel my body, which ultimately gets me doing what I love…DIY!

Best Modern Green Colors for Your Home

I may not have a green thumb, but I do have a heart that beats green. Silly, I know. But really, I am that OBSESSED with having the best modern green colors in my home. I know you are going to love these greens once you get started. Will you do me a favor? Tag me @angelarosehome in your DIY pictures so we can celebrate your project together. I cannot wait to see what happens when you stop pinning and start doing. Don’t forget to hang out with me on Instagram and Tik Tok because the best magic happens when we are doing projects together. 

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